The Times They Have Changed

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A decade ago money seemed to be falling from trees. If you had a pulse and could fog a mirror you could qualify for a mortgage in North America. The US housing market was booming and Canada was following in its footsteps. American lenders were in Canada growing their subprime mortgage business and the big banks were extending amortization periods and actively growing their portfolios with folks who could not prove their income. A decade later, the US housing market has imploded on itself ...

Testimonial: Heather Otton

Best Mortgages Toronto
I was shocked to discover that after 2 years of complicated divorce litigation, and finally settling everything, that my bank would not allow me take over my existing mortgage. This is after having a mortgage with this same bank for 15 years and having paid it on my own for many years (with their knowledge), having exceptional credit, and always being employed.I contacted Andy MacDonald for advice and to see what my options were. Andy's knowledge and professional approach are impeccable. While m...

Testimonial: Debbie McCue

Mortgages Oakville
I found Andy to be extremely patient and responsive to my multitude of questions about the fee schedules and returns of Mutual Funds, RRSP’s, RESP’s, and Tax Free Savings Accounts. My experience over the years has been that big banks and many financial advisers evade fee questions and are either unwilling or unable to answer my questions in layman’s terms. Andy helped me to understand my options and decide what would be best for me for my investments, and I would highly recommend him to anyone l...

Testimonial: Jackie Morra

Pickering Mortgages
Just wanted to say thank you to Andy for giving great advice and options that you won’t usually get from the banks or much place else for that matter. He takes the time to understand your needs and gives advice you can understand and use to make the best decision for your situation. Thanks a lot!Jackie MorraPickering, Ontario

Testimonial: Lisa Blunt

Oakville Mortgages
Andy helped my husband and I with our first mortgage. With low taxable income, and Chip’s new credit in Canada, we were not the easiest situation to market to a bank! We completely trusted Andy, and he found us a mortgage that worked perfectly for us. We are already working with Andy again on a mortgage for our upcoming home purchase. He’s the best!Lisa BluntOakville, Ontario

Testimonial: Jerome Reid

Best Mississauga Mortgage Broker
Among my friends and co-workers I have become know as the “go to guy” for real estate related information (i.e. agents, appraisers, lawyers, mortgage brokers, property managers, etc.). The geek in me enjoys researching and following-up on real estate info and professionals. Only select friends and acquaintances get my researched referral information. I do it not for money but because I remember how frustrating it was meeting a lot of “sharks” out there when I was preparing to build my “power tea...

Testimonial: Michael Nixon

Mortgages Ottawa
Basically, my wife and I were in a fairly desperate situation when I approached Andy. Our finances were a mess and we needed a new second mortgage to consolidate our debts. Frankly, I didn’t think it could be done but Andy kept hope and was able to arrange a second mortgage at a good interest rate and with the hope that the future will be even brighter. While it was a difficult process, Andy kept the faith and did a great job. My thanks to Andy.Michael NixonOttawa, Ontario

Testimonial: Robert Mills

Mississauga Mortgages
You made our first home purchase, which can be overwhelming, completely worry free with your superior customer service. But what really impressed me was your honest advice with my questions a couple of years later. This on going commitment to service is something that sets you apart and keeps customers coming back for life. I know I will continue to contact you and recommend you to my family, friends, and colleagues in the future. Keep up the great work!Robert MillsMississauga, Ontario

Testimonial: Brian Gandell

Mississauga Mortgage Brokers
Being a first time home buyer, I didn’t really know what to expect when I went shopping around for mortgages. I am extremely happy with the professional service and incredible rate that I received. I constantly get reminded of how good it is when everyone I tell says “Wow that is a great rate”. Thanks again!!!Brian GandellMississauga, Ontario

Testimonial: Renie McKee

London Ontario Mortgage
We bought a house in Canada while we were living in another country. With Andy MacDonald’s help, it turned out to be a very easy process as he basically did all the work for us-finding a mortgage for non-residents, arranging the paperwork and all the other things that go into obtaining a mortgage. They did an excellent job for us-the words that come to mind regarding them are `integrity` and `competence` and we would certainly recommend them to anyone who needs that extra help with buying a home...