Testimonial: Jerome Reid

Among my friends and co-workers I have become know as the “go to guy” for real estate related information (i.e. agents, appraisers, lawyers, mortgage brokers, property managers, etc.). The geek in me enjoys researching and following-up on real estate info and professionals. Only select friends and acquaintances get my researched referral information. I do it not for money but because I remember how frustrating it was meeting a lot of “sharks” out there when I was preparing to build my “power team” for buying real estate. Meeting you was a breath of fresh air. You were very professional, tenacious and fair. You believed in me and came through for me during a crucial time of my first deal and I never forgot that. To this day I continue to testify to the great service you provided to my friends, colleagues and myself. Each person I have referred has confirmed with me all of the good things I have said about you.
Jerome Reid
Mississauga, Ontario