Testimonial: Heather Otton

I was shocked to discover that after 2 years of complicated divorce litigation, and finally settling everything, that my bank would not allow me take over my existing mortgage. This is after having a mortgage with this same bank for 15 years and having paid it on my own for many years (with their knowledge), having exceptional credit, and always being employed.

I contacted Andy MacDonald for advice and to see what my options were. Andy‘s knowledge and professional approach are impeccable. While my circumstances are not traditional, Andy went above and beyond to secure my mortgage with the best possible rates and navigated all the details involved. Andy was encouraging and supportive through the entire process.

Andy was an integral part of helping me achieve my dreams of being a single, female, self employed business owner, parent of two, and home owner with abundant possibilities for my future.

Heather Otton
Ailsa Craig, Ontario